Settling In Policy

As we are concerned for the happiness of your child, we believe that a settling in period is extremely beneficial.

The nursery does not charge for settling in sessions and as parents/carers you will be given the opportunity to discuss with us the best way to settle your child into nursery.

On your first settling in visit your child’s key worker will spend time with you and your child going through the ‘welcome pack’ which provides you with information about the nursery, and allows us to learn information about your child to assist us to introduce your child into nursery and at the same time enables you to develop a trusting relationship with our nursery team. You will also be introduced to your child’s buddy key worker who you can approach if your child’s key worker is not in nursery. We, like you, think it is very important that your child settles into nursery happily and therefore strongly recommend a settling in period, as each child is an individual and needs different amounts of time to adjust. When settling your child into nursery it is advisable to begin settling in, in close proximity with the agreed starting date.

During the settling in stage we encourage parents/carers to stay with their child until both are happy about the separation. We suggest that when settling in your child, you stay with them and spend an hour in the nursery on their first visit and increase this time on your next visit. For the second visit we request that you return completed the information and welcome sheets that were a part of the welcome pack. These greatly assist us when settling in your child. You may bring your child for as many settling in visits as you feel necessary.

When your child is familiar with the nursery and nursery team it would be beneficial to leave him/her for a short time to see how they cope. We have a family/information room which is available for you to sit in during this process.

The settling in visits can be extended as your child settles in. You may wish your child to experience one mealtime and have a sleep during the settling in process. If during settling in, you are intending to leave the nursery premises we would be most appreciative if you could remain in contact with the nursery, letting us know where you will be and when you will return. We also feel that it is important that you say goodbye to your child and reassure him/her that you are coming back. We will contact you if your child becomes distressed.

During the settling in visits your child’s key worker will record observations of how your child responds and their immediate interests and needs during the settling in process, culminating in a transition review after four weeks, which you, your child and the key worker all contribute to.

Please feel able to telephone to enquire about your child at any time, we will always be honest with you and will let you know if your child is at all upset.

We also feel that it is important that your child is given the opportunity to look around the nursery to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings so that they do not become too bewildered when they first start nursery.

If your child feels secure with her/his comforter, may we recommend that they bring it with them to nursery and introduce it to your child’s key worker during your first settling in visit. Your key worker will let you know how your child is progressing and you are welcome to discuss any concerns with us at any time.

If after a reasonable period of time it is clear that your child has not settled into nursery we may request that he/she is taken out of nursery for their own well being, until you feel that they are more ready to start. Then we will be only too happy to discuss re-admission with you.