Club Policy

Settling in

Parents/Carers are welcome to stay with their child until they are reassured that the club’s facilities ensure their child’s happiness and meet their requirements.

Positive Behaviour

The clubs have written policies on positive behaviour management. Whilst in our care no child will be smacked, slapped or humiliated. Bullying/discrimination are not tolerated and parents/carers of all parties are informed of any incidents and future management of such circumstances.

Parent/Carer Involvement

We actively encourage parents/carer involvement by notices on our information boards, newsletters, this website and welcoming parent/carer involvement in club activities.

Insurance and Outings

We carry Public liability insurance and require parental permission before any children are taken on any outings.

Health and Safety

We are a non-smoking establishment and request for the health and safety of the children in our care that parents/carers respect this ruling whilst on the premises.

The clubs meet all current fire safety regulations.

Regular fire drills are carried out so that both the children and the club teams are familiar with the required procedures.

Please ensure that your child has named sun cream, sun hats and suitable clothing when the weather warrants it.


We recognise that all children have a right to protection from abuse. We take seriously our responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of all children.


For the security of your child it is expected that in the event of someone other than yourselves or a nominated carer collecting your child, the clubs must be notified in advance.

For the safety of all children and young people in this club we do not allow parents, carers, staff, visitors or children to use mobile phones whilst on the club premises excepting the staff area.

No child aged under eight can drop into or leave the clubs unaccompanied by an adult. The clubs require parent/carers written consent for children over eight years doing this.


Children with infectious illnesses are not able to attend the clubs. The clubs cannot undertake the care of sick children. The only medication to be brought into the clubs has to be doctor prescribed, with written permission including clear administration instructions.

Complaints Policy

The club welcome constructive feedback and has an open door policy for parents and carers. If you have any concerns about the management, staff, club policies, health and safety, environment then please immediately bring them to the attention of the club manager, if you are not satisfied that the club has responded to your concerns you can make an official complaint to Ofsted on 0300 123 1231 or write to Ofsted, National Business Unit, Piccadilly Gate, Manchester. M1 2WD.

Policy Information

The Schools Out Club and Planet Vibe has many written policies to maintain a high standard of quality care. The club teams are committed to carrying out these policies. These policies are available to parents/carers and they can be viewed at any time.

Please feel able to ask a member of the club teams should you wish to view the policy file. We will keep you informed of any new policies that we introduce.