At Hazelwood Nursery we understand the importance of arranging the surroundings so that children become independent initiators of their own learning, developing vital life skills necessary for our rapidly changing world.

The nursery team will expertly guide your child through the wonders of learning whilst playing. At the same time extending his or her knowledge and experiences without them being under any pressure. We encourage a sense of achievement which allows their confidence and self-esteem to grow. It is a fact that a contented and happy child responds much better to education.

We provide opportunities for children to research their environment through first hand experiences. In collaboration with the children and parents/carers we carefully plan a balance of activities, which are both interesting and flexible to encourage individual achievement.

Our environment is well resourced to effectively support the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ for all our nursery children.

Our Early Years Curriculum is carefully structured, providing for the different starting points from which children develop their learning, building on what they can already do; relevant and appropriate content which matches the different levels of young children’s needs; planned and purposeful activity which provides opportunities for teaching and learning both indoors and outdoors.

We believe that high quality care and education leads to effective learning and development for young children.